Successful leaders inspire others

I sat amid 1,200 climate activists in a noisy conference room, patiently waiting for former Vice President Al Gore to speak at the 23rd Climate Leader training last summer. Feeling nervous but relieved, ...

 Social media transforms communication


Text message-spawned acronyms and doge memes proclaiming “such wow” could lead to the assumption that today’s technology is crushing language and condensing it into “LOLZ” and “OMG.” However, ...

Crystal Clear: Muncie psychic talks about gift

Muncie psychic talks about gift

She knows things are going to happen before they do. Sherita Campbell said there is no fanfare to these visions — no trumpets or angels heralding — just a matter of fact knowledge that these events ...

Turkey Day Traditions

Three things tend to be consistent with Thanksgiving: spending time with family, giving thanks and eating turkey. 

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